Citizen's Budget Oversight Committee

Gateway Charter School Citizens Budget Oversight Committee

All Delaware school districts and charter schools are required to maintain a Citizens Budget Oversight Committee ("CBOC") In order to provide the public with transparency and an opportunity for oversight.  The CBOC is comprised of community members, staff members, parent representatives and a representative from the Delaware Department of Education. 


We are looking for CBOC members, please contact the GCS Board Treasurer, Mary O'Connell for information on joining and participation.


Public meeting dates are listed below; all meetings are held via Zoom unless otherwise noted. Zoom link is located in the agenda.

CBOC Members 2022-2023

Mary O'Connell GCS Board Treasurer
Pam Draper
GCS Business Manager
Catherine Dolan
GCS Head of School (ex officio)
Annette Roskam Teacher Liaison
Winnifred Browne Community Board Member
Richard Riggs DOE Liaison
Dorcell Spence GCS Budget Advisor / Consultant







If you would like to be to be considered for membership in the CBOC, please contact Pam Draper for more information.

Additional Financial Reports

State of Delaware Online Checkbook

Delaware Education Statistics Report


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CBOC Meeting Agendas FY 2022-2023