What is a charter school?

Charter schools are public schools.  Although similar to traditional schools is many ways, charter schools are different in one important aspect:  they operate with more accountability for results and with fewer overhead/administrative regulations.  

In Delaware, the state Board of Education (or any school district) can authorize a charter school; Gateway is authorized by the state.  The "charter" -- established between the authorizer and the charter school -- documents the purpose of the school including mission, goals, methods, and measures of success.  The charter school must apply every five years to renew its right to operate as a public school. 

Where is Gateway Charter School located? 
Average class size?

Gateway is located at 2501 Centerville Road, Wilmington, DE 19808.  The school building is immediately adjacent to the St. Catherine of Siena church. 

Gateway currently has eight grades -- grades KN, 1,3 through 8. Our class sizes have ranged from 12 to 15 students, with slight variations in some years depending on annual enrollment numbers per grade.  Gateway is adding grades K,1 and 2 and is now accepting applications for students entering Kindergarten, First, and Second grade in school year 2024-2025.

For additional information, see our school profile: https://reportcard.doe.k12.de.us/detail.html#aboutpage?scope=school&district=92&school=543

Are Gateway students required to wear uniforms?

Yes, all GCS students wear uniforms with the school logo embroidered on the school polo shirts.  Shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts should be placed with our providers: Global Schoolwear:  https://www.globalschoolwear.com/.  and/or SquadLocker:  SquadLocker.  Uniform bottoms must be tan or navy khaki pants, shorts, or skirts and may be purchased individually.  Students should wear closed-toe sneakers or shoes with non-marking soles.

Are meals provided?

Breakfast and lunch service is available on-campus for free; our cafeteria service is currently operated by the Red Clay school district under contract.  Students may also bring their own lunch from home. 

Is bus service provided?

Yes.  School bus transportation is provided to and from school. Please note that we can not provide door-to-door service so families will need to pickup and drop off their students each day at one of our designated bus route stops.

What opportunities exist for parent involvement?

There are many opportunities for parent involvement at Gateway Lab School, including:

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) - PAC membership includes Gateway parents and teachers. The PAC assists Gateway's instructional leadership staff with operating, planning, and evaluating the school's curricular and instructional practices.  The PAC provides assistance and advice -- all decisions about curriculum and instructional practices will be the responsibility of the school leader.   The PAC may also be asked to help bring in participants as needed to focus on particular topics such as school climate, parent relations, community relations, school improvement planning, problem-solving, or other efforts as needed.

Gateway  Parent Teacher Organization - The PTO is the school's parent/teacher/community organization.  PTO supports Gateway in numerous ways, such as:  fundraising, volunteer efforts, parent support, community relations, and teacher appreciation.

Board Membership - There are one- and two-year Parent Director positions on the Gateway Lab School Board of Directors, as well as Community Member positions. For more information on board membership opportunities please contact any Board officer (see the "Board" website menu for contact information.