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Inspired by a parent’s dream, Gateway Charter School is a free public charter school that exists to engage students who learn differently through an innovative arts-infused curriculum, small class sizes and a nurturing environment suited to your child's needs.



How We Help Our Students Succeed


Here are our core principles:


  • Every Child Can Learn - We believe it is the responsibility of the school to identify and value each student's unique learning style.
  • Arts Integration Into Curriculum - Children who struggle academically in a traditional classroom can flourish in a multi-sensory environment where they learn by doing, not just by listening. 
  • Small Class Sizes - We know that our teachers have the most to offer when they can give unique attention to each student.
  • Character Education - We set clear expectations and provide daily reinforcement to create a consistent environment to help students focus on growth.

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  • Research-Based Teaching Methods - Every day, every lesson - we utilize teaching methods that are proven to be successful in the lives of students.
  • Celebrate Diversity and Respect Individuality - Our goal is to help students grow into the strongest and best versions of themselves.
  • Strengthening Self-Advocacy - All students should be able to articulate their strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles, which leads to self-advocacy.